COMING SOON!    TEAM SERIES 1, Episode 2  


The TEAM SERIES 1 broadcast was a success, but for an unknown reason our recordings came out a bit blurry and not to our level of expectation.  Therefore, the event replay is now being posted for free below.  We have HIGH expectations and our stream is always picture perfect.  All we be updated and fixed for TEAM SERIES 1, Episode 2 which will be announced soon.  Congrats to Vanguard Academy on the win, and to all of the teams who had a GREAT time an our event.  

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Provide media coverage of local jiu-Jitsu events, talents, and interest stories.


LIJJN Challenge Series highlights local competitors and academies using a super-fight format.  Each event is broadcast on our website as a $10 Pay-Per-View.  Free to compete!  The broadcast features full production, announcers, multiple camera angles, feature-ettes that highlight the local jiu jitsu scene, and commercial breaks featuring our local and national sponsors.  

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